The flats offer many of the same fantastic amenities that Hampstead homeowners enjoy. This easy, no-maintenance lifestyle is full of activity and excitement every week. Visit to see why Hampstead offers so much more!

• Private pool for use by Hampstead Flats renters
• Free membership at Y'S Up Hampstead branch
• Parking Lot for Hampstead renters located adjacent to units
• Private Central Courtyard for Long Acre Flats
• Hampstead Lake, largest lake in the City of Montgomery
• Hampstead Town Center Park
• Hampstead Public Library
• Hampstead Bocce Courts
• Local neighborhood restaurants including The Tipping Point and City Grill
• Walkable neighborhood with sidewalks, slow streets, and street trees
• Hampstead Parks and Preserves
• Montessori School at Hampstead
• Hampstead Farm
• Conveniently located a minute's drive from grocery stores, Starbucks, and Eastchase